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Smart. Connected. Versatile. Integrated. Elegant. 
A modular approach to urban hardware.

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The first 100% wireless smart pole

Say goodbye to heavy-duty infrastructure works for high-speed gigabit connectivity network.

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Patented mounting system with 360° rotatable modules

One pole. Up to five modules with lighting and beyond lighting features. 
All upgradable at any time. 
Start small and develop according to your needs.

360° Light and control

SHUFFLE integrates hotspots to provide WiFi in open spaces

360° Light and WLAN

180° Light

Light ring (RGB)

Luminaire bracket

Public announcement speaker

Quadview camera

Dome camera

Universal camera bracket


EV charger

Wireless backhaul

4G/5G antenna

A complete portfolio of solutions

Redesign. Reorganise. Improve. Combine. Do these all at once with the unlimited SHUFFLE platform that brings the experience in cities and venues to a new level. Information, identity, safety, communication, entertainment, mobility and much more. Monitor and respond to the needs of everybody in public and privately-owned areas with the same system!

Discover the complete portfolio

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Select the features you need and design your unique SHUFFLE solution

Save time and pick one preconfigured SHUFFLE


The city’s guardian angel

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Create places people love to live in

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SHUFFLE Security

Build security in outdoor areas

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For endless lighting challenges

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SHUFFLE Mobility

On the road to a zero-emission world

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Try your SHUFFLE in augmented reality!

Configure, visualise, integrate and share.

David Cunha - Schréder Hyperion

As the smart city becomes a new reality, residents become early adopters for the fully-connected neighbourhood. SHUFFLE’s endless adaptability is a springboard for innovation.

David Cunha
Smart City Solutions Manager