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In today’s world, change, speed, innovation and bright ideas are needed more than ever to create futureproof systems for a more sustainable world.

Schréder Hyperion was founded in 2019, to think, explore and fuel the potential of smart city solutions that go beyond lighting.
Located on the Nova Business School University campus, our new hub of innovation challenges technology and empowers the pioneers of smart cities.

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About Schréder Hyperion


About us

With our ambition to build cities that people love to live in, Schréder Hyperion has a team of highly talented people who innovate from Portugal to the world. 

We believe that the only way to do this is by creating smart and sustainable solutions. This requires truly open solutions that can integrate and interoperate with systems from other vendors and ecosystem partners and repurposing existing infrastructure. Finally this requires an attitude that looks to capitalise on all parts of the ROI by futureproofing technologies.

It is with this approach that we position ourselves amongst the global leaders of smart city solutions inspiring the next generation.

Schréder Hyperion Smart Solutions

Our Solutions

Offering innovative solutions is Schréder’s century-old expertise and is why the company has survived three technological revolutions, providing high-quality, efficient and sustainable luminaires.

Schréder Hyperion is embracing Industry 4.0 and is focused on developing smart city applications. We support cities in the transition from conventional to connected lighting while creating the foundations for other smart systems with the quality and reliability they need.

Learn more about our smart solutions: 
Smart Poles | Smart Lighting System 


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Street lights are existing assets, evenly distributed throughout the city, and already connected to the electrical grid. For this reason, outdoor public lighting provides a perfect platform upon which to build smart city technologies.

We accompany our customers on their journey to adopt these new technologies. The priority must be to focus on added value and ROI; it is for this reason that the technology must be open to enable seamless collaboration with other vendors.

At Schréder Hyperion we understand the future of smart lighting. We ignite the flames of innovation, disrupting smart cities through light. Because outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in a city’s life and where there is life, there is light

Careers at Schréder Hyperion


We work every day to cultivate a sense of entrepreneurship, exploration and fellowship because we want to have an impact.

We invest in and empower our people. We are focused on scale, innovation, and transformation to develop and commercialise our state-of-the-art smart city solutions and systems. 
We continuously develop our people because we believe in the power of great minds!

Come and shape the future of cities across the globe with us

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Partnering with Schréder Hyperion


At Schréder Hyperion, we collaborate with technology suppliers, service providers, value added resellers, channel partners and consultants to deliver outstanding solutions for utilities and cities across the globe. Together we create the foundations for smart cities based on our vision to deliver cities that people love to live in.

We are looking for partners who can collaborate with us to help cities move faster on their journey to becoming smart

We aspire to create a community that can do more for our customers and a sustainable world