Kingsway netball courts

LED sports lighting for a community sporting complex

The multi-million-dollar Kingsway Sporting Complex in Western Australia has undergone a redevelopment of their facilities. The aim is to encourage more people to engage in local sports, leading to healthier and happier individuals and safer communities to live in.

With a steady increase of Netball teams in the past few years and the need for quality and performance in lighting, Sylvania was tasked to illuminate 30 netball courts with the latest LED technology, part of a 43,000m² area.

Sylvania has previously contributed to other sporting areas at the Kingsway Sporting Complex including five soccer, two rugby and one AFL field and a few training zones.

The challenge of illuminating the Kingsway Netball Courts was to sufficiently provide light without interfering with the adjacent sporting fields. Sylvania were also required to meet the requirements of AS2560 2.4 – 1986 recreation and training level, which meant an average of 100 LUX at 0.5 uniformity ratio.

The Sylvania Briteline LED Raptor was chosen for the project, as the level of control of the luminaire was a head above the competitors who pitched for the job.

The Sylvania Briteline LED Raptor’s optical reflector system delivers exceptional performance and precision. The floodlight distributes light exactly where it’s needed, providing better control, lower glare and less spill light, to increase efficiency and reduce impact on neighbouring courts or residents.

The Sylvania team is capable of aiming luminaires. We are on-site and in the cherry picker during the aiming process to make sure it’s done correctly, working with the contractors to provide real-time solutions to any issues that arise. We survey our aiming points rather than manually marking or relying on the contractor to get orientation and the tilt angle aiming correct.

This unique mounting system design of the Sylvania Briteline LED Raptor allows for over and under slinging on the pole cross arm allowing the installer to correctly aim the floodlight to avoid obstructions and maximise light delivery.

The Sylvania team also assisted the contractor with light level testing, which led to providing accurate data to the councils and consultants involved.

The Sylvania Briteline Raptor LED Floodlight will not only reduce energy and maintenance costs but also provide the capability of turning the LED lights on and off when needed without any cooling down or warming up period, this will support the increasing use of the community fields.

Madeley WA