City of Melbourne gets smart

Future proof

The City of Melbourne is undertaking a multi -million dollar program of clean energy initiatives to not only become a “Smart City”, but help it reach a goal of zero net emissions by 2020. These objectives will be met by the integration of the latest technologies built into our LED streetlights. The resulting benefits will include reduced energy costs, improved safety for vehicles and pedestrians, increased citizen engagement and greater economic control.

The program commenced in 2015 and is financed by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. An estimated $14.8 million is being spent on replacing & upgrading around 16,000 light fixtures with energy efficient LED Street Lights.

The Melbourne City Council region includes 16 inner city suburbs covering 37.7 square kilometres and is the central precinct for Greater Melbourne. The Council is working collaboratively to reduce carbon emissions across the municipality by focusing on Council operations, commercial buildings and industry, residential buildings, stationary energy supply, transport, freight and waste management.

As public lighting accounts for nearly half of the City of Melbourne’s energy usage, the City is expecting to save about $1 million annually on its electricity bills following the staged roll out.

As a partner of the City of Melbourne over many years; the team at Sylvania-Schréder is working with all stakeholders as the supplier of Sylvania RoadLED smart LED Luminaires.

With an ongoing partnership of stakeholders including Citipower, Silver Springs and ETS Electrical Services; Melbourne’s status as one of the world’s most liveable cities will be maintained with this group of proven performers