Schréder Together Fund helped 6 humanitarian projects in 2023

The Schréder Together Fund, in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation, aims to support the communities in which we live and work, to protect their vulnerable users and to improve the quality of life and education in economically disadvantaged areas.

Every year, our employees nominate various charities, community organisations and institutions. In 2023, we were delighted to support 6 humanitarian projects in 5 countries, reflecting a wide range of initiatives. The selected organisations are locally based so they understand local needs and priorities to make a positive impact on the well-being of the communities. 


In 2023, the Schréder Together Fund supported the construction of Mathonisa Primary School in Zimbabwe

Mathonisa Primary School - Zimbabwe

Mathonisa primary school is located 60 kilometres outside the city of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. They needed funds to help rebuild the community school in Umguza, which was in very poor condition.

When the funds were released, the school’s headmistress and other members of the school’s governing body bought the materials (bricks, cement, etc.) and members of the local community came together to provide manual labour to build a new school. Solar lighting is also part of the project.  

In 2023, the Schréder Together Fund donated sports lighting to the Asháninka communities in Peru to foster social cohesion

Asháninka communities - Peru

The NGO Redes, with the help of SOS Faim and Misereor, is running an integrated development programme with 11 Asháninka indigenous communities to improve their quality of life.

The Schréder Together Fund donated and installed floodlights for a sports field so that children from the communities of Bajo Perené, Pichanaqui and Rio Negro in Chanchamayo can continue to play sports after the sun sets in a safe environment. Developing sports activities in the area, will increase social interactions and foster a sense of community.


Schréder Together Fund installed solar lighting in grounds of the African Angels Independent School so pupils can move around in safety after dark

African Angels Trust - South Africa

The African Angels Trust, based in the Chintsa area of the Great Kei township, receives no state funding and provides education for disadvantaged children in the local community, helping them to lift themselves out of poverty. It also initiates and facilitates many other uplifting projects for the area. 

To help the school’s many students make their way safely to and from the school after dark, the Schréder Together Fund donated and installed 6 solar-powered floodlights on 8m high poles in the school grounds. The floodlights have improved security in an area that regularly suffers from power cuts. 

Schréder Together Fund donated street lighting to improve safety in Borodyanka village, Ukraine

Borodyanka - Ukraine

The village of Borodyanka was badly damaged following the Russian invasion in February 2022. To help rebuild the village’s infrastructure, a lighting plan was drawn up and over 100 energy-efficient IZYLUM luminaires were supplied to improve safety after dark.

The first luminaires were installed around the railway station to give commuters a sense of security and encourage a “return to normal life”. A special focus was also placed on pedestrian crossings to ensure safety for people travelling by foot. Thanks to the high-performance and long life of the luminaires, the local authorities will not need to carry out any maintenance for a long time.

Schréder Together Fund donated solar lighting to Tshinapfene village to help the vulnerable community

Tshinapfene village - South Africa

After donating solar lighting in 2022 to support the village’s ‘Community, Light, Safety’ plan, the Schréder Together Fund decided to continue its support in 2023 for a sustained impact on the vulnerable women and children in this community. In collaboration, with the NGO Muelekanyi Technical Services, 10 additional solar luminaires were delivered and installed.

Jean Jaules Wachter, a member of the Schréder Together Fund, had the pleasure of visiting the village at the invitation of His Majesty, MPK Tshivhase, and Khosi Muelekanyi Tshivhasefor the annual Tshivhase Day celebrations on 14th October 2022. Together with Carmen Amurjeeth, Director at BEKA Schréder, they were able to witness the benefits.

Schréder Together Fund renewed support for YouthStart, an association to help people who left school earlyp

YouthStart - Belgium

YouthStart helps young people who have dropped out of school to regain their confidence and develop an entrepreneurial spirit. Through short, intensive training sessions, they unlock their full potential and regain control of their lives and their futures.

After providing funding and coaching time for the young people in 2022, and heartened by the experience, the Schréder Together Fund renewed its support in 2023. We funded and participated in 8 full-day training sessions for 16-30 year olds.