Sylvania Control Gear Options for RAPTOR 2 and SPORTSLINE G2

Control gear options for Sylvania RAPTOR 2 and Sylvania SPORTSLINE G2  


Extreme hybrid and Electronic control gear options

  • Hybrid Control options available
  • IP20 and IP65 models available in both 240V and 415V

  • Energy efficient
  • Optional accessory available which offers 50% dimming for training mode

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • For new installations, the distance between the control gear and the floodlight has been greatly improved. This offers benefits for both installation and maintenance

  • Built to last
  • Proven to offer protection in extreme environments with up to 70˚C ambient temperature, for IP20 GEN 2 model. Offering high immunity to surges and low inrush/ leakage current



Extreme hybrid control gear for RAPTOR 2 and SPORTSLINE G2

  • IP20 and IP65 models available
  • 240V and 415V options
  • Optional accessory offering 50% dimming
  • 2C+E cable between driver and luminaire
  • Maximum distance between gear and floodlight:
  1. 1.5mm2 cable = 500m
  2. 2.5mm2 cable = 850m
  3. 4.0mm2 cable = 1400m
  4. 6.0mm2 cable = 2100m
  • High immunity to surges, low inrush /leakage current
  • 4 x IP67 electronic drivers on IP20 gear tray, operating 4 LED modules.
  • Available in 240V and 415V, 0-10V and DALI. 415V DALI (no Feedback)
  • 10kV surge protection
  • 8 Core + Earth cable between gear tray and floodlight
  • Maximum distance between gear and floodlight:
  1. 5mm2 cable = 45m
  2. 5mm2 cable = 90m


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