Control Gear for RAPTOR 3

Extreme Hybrid and Electronic control gear options


RAPTOR 3 utilises a choice of Driver technology to maximise the efficiency of the RAPTOR 3. The electronic driver is a DALI 2 system with 240V/415V in the one drive. The HYBRID driver system allows for maximum surge protection and can operate in ambient temperatures up to 70˚C for the IP20 version. Providing the market a choice for every location and application.

Hybrid Control options available

IP20 and IP65 models available in both 240V and 415V

Energy efficient

Optional accessory available for Hybrid Control Gear which offers 50% dimming for training mode

Easy installation and maintenance

For new installations, the distance between the control gear and the floodlight has been greatly improved. This offers benefits for both installation and maintenance

Smart design

Electronic Control Gear is one driver for both 240V/415V and a DALI 2 system for ultimate control. 

  • Nominal input voltage: 240V/415V – 50Hz/60Hz
  • 5C+E cable between driver and luminaire
  • DALI-2 programmable
  • IEEE 1789 Flicker Recommended Practice Compliant
  • Max remote distance 200 meters
  • Surge level 10 kV for both common mode and differential mode
  • Adaptable thermal protection for LED Modules
  • Lifetime: >50.000 hours at maximum load
  • Short circuit, overpower, over voltage protections
  • Remote firmware update
  • IP66 enclosure
  • IP20 and IP65 models available
  • 240V and 415V options
  • Optional accessory offering 50% dimming
  • 2C+E cable between driver and luminaire
  • Maximum distance between gear and floodlight:
    1.5mm2 cable = 500m
    2.5mm2 cable = 850m
    4.0mm2 cable = 1400m
    6.0mm2 cable = 2100m
  • High immunity to surges, low inrush /leakage current
  • Proven to offer protection in extreme environments with up to 70˚C ambient temperature, for IP20 GEN 2 model. Offering high immunity

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